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Crackle Tile Installation


Tile Sealing 

Installation of  crackle ceramic tile requires special procedures in order to avoid the absorption of staining agents over time. It is advised to make the surface stain-resistant. The surface of the tile must be completely clean and dry before sealing. It is strongly recommended that a small sample of a tile be tested with the sealer before an entire installation is sealed. Apply a uniform layer of undiluted penetrating sealer with a clean brush or other suitable applicator. Wait 24 hours and remove all excess sealant on the surface of the tile with a clean damp cloth. Crackle glazes (by nature) continue to crackle for several months. As this occurs, each new crackle line becomes unsealed and will allow water into the tile body. Installations of crackle should be resealed 90 days after installation, and then again after one year. Please consult tile sealant instructions provided by the manufacturer before using tile sealants. 

Grout Selection

Colored grout pigments can discolor the surface of any glazed tile. The crazing in the crackle glaze may absorb grout pigments and dark pigments are especially problematic in this respect. A penetrating sealer may be used before contact with colored grout to minimize staining from grout pigments. Always test before using. Do not apply any materials to your tile without first satisfying yourself, by testing, that the result will be satisfactory. Please consult grout instructions provided by the manufacturer before using grout. Grout Clean-up: With a dry lint-free cloth, remove excess grout from tile surface. Then with a clean sponge dampened with warm water, continue to clean the tile surface of grout. Once the tile surface appears clean, wipe down again with a fresh damp sponge to remove any grout film. After 15 minutes, buff the tile surface with a soft cloth.

Grout Sealing

Allow the installation to dry for 2 days. Inspect tile surface for remaining grout film and residue. A grout haze remover may be used for removing stubborn residue. Please consult grout haze remover instructions provided by the manufacturer before using grout haze remover. Test a precautionary section of the tile surface before using grout haze remover. Allow the clean tile surface to dry before applying grout sealant. Please consult grout sealant instructions provided by the manufacturer before using grout sealants.


 NOTICE: The information provided above are suggested guidelines and do not imply warranty. The use of crackle tiles in steam -showers is not recommended.



Please inspect product before installation. No claims will be accepted after installation. 

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