Dover Crackle White

Dover Crackle is a glazed ceramic tile deliberately crazed to replicate an authentic aged look. It is produced in the classic 3x6” subway size and the newer 4x12” elongated rectangle.

Crackle tiles should be sealed prior to grouting and periodically after install. Dark grout colors are not advised and use in steam showers is not recommended. Notwithstanding these watchpoints, Dover Crackle is a great choice and with an extensive molding and trim offer provides a timeless design aesthetic.

Available colors, sizes and finishes

1 color

2 sizes

1 finish

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3 x 6" 
4 x 12"


Bullnose (6” Side) 3x6”


Bullnose (3” Side) 3x6”


Out-corner 3x3”


Finishing Strip  1/2x12”



Chair Rail 2x6”
Depth  3/4"
Chair Rail Stop End 1/2x2” 
Depth  3/4"
Skirting 4x6” 
Depth  7/16"
Skirting Outcorner
1/2x4" Depth- 7/16"
Depth  7/16" 
Pencil 1x12”
Depth  1/2"

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