Dover Subway 3-6-9

The terms “Subway”, “Underground” and “Metro” are often used interchangeably. Minton and Johnson Tiles were early suppliers to the London Underground, the oldest transit system in the World. This is the genesis of the 3x9 1/2” size. The Classic rectangular sizes of 3x6”, 3x6” bevel and 3x3” bevel came later in other systems modeled on the London Underground. The shape became increasing popular and for the past twenty tears have emerged again as favorites where the design scheme calls for an authentic look. Dover Subway 3-6-9 are thicker as their 19th century predecessors.  Non-stock colors for project work  are offered as part of our special order program.

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3 x 3"
3 x 6"
3 x 9 1/2"


Bullnose (6” Side) 3x6” (75x150mm)

Bullnose (3” Side) 3x6” (75x150mm)

Bullnose Outcorner 3x3”


Finishing Strip 1/2x6” (12x150mm)


Cornice 3x9” (75x228mm)
Depth 3/4"

Liner 3/4x9” (20x228mm)

Depth 1/2"

Crampton Cap 3x6” (75x150mm)

Depth 9/16"

Crampton Cap Stop End 1x3” (25x75mm)

Depth 9/16"

Atlas Skirting 6x6” (150x150mm)

Depth 11/16"

Atlas Skirting Stop End 3/4x6” (17x150mm)

Depth 11/16"

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